Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The UK is Using the Vive to Build VR Crime Scenes for Court Cases

2166988_140108_1_lit.jpgIf you’re consistently wowed by the outlandish ways in which CSI stars solve crimes, then this story might be for you.

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Study Shows VR Sim Sickness Could be Combated by Reducing FOV During Movement

If Sony’s showing at E3 this week is anything to go by, stick-based locomotion will be important to VR for a long time yet. That means it’s more crucial than ever to solve VR sim sickness.

Valve Offers VR Developers Funding to Avoid Platform-Exclusive Deals

According to co-founder Gabe Newell, Valve is in a “much better place” to absorb the financial risk of creating a VR title; therefore, it is offering studios backing through “pre-paid Steam revenue."Click here to read full article

A Third of Valve is now working on VR and the next generation of Headsets

Full throttle on VR!
Vive picture.jpeg
It’s true that VR is just one of many sectors of Half-Life developer Valve, but it turns out it’s a sector that a significant portion of the company is working on.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This is The First Link To VR Post!

The VR bubble is officially growing.

The burgeoning VR industry is easily comparable to the early PC industry. The hardware is unfinished, the software is buggy, and only the enthusiast few have a serious interest in it. But if (and hopefully when) you try VR for the first time, real VR, you suddenly understand...this is going to change everything. This will affect any and all industries alive today. From social interaction, to education, to work, this will re­write how humanity interacts with the world. It transplants you from where you were, to anywhere you could ever need to be. It allows you to touch and hold things that aren’t really there. It is human / computer interaction perfected. (even if it’s not perfect yet)
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